Welcome to CMP GROUP

We are a Digital Entertainment Company.
CMP Group is an exciting venture in the online entertainment space. Founded in the US in 2002, with offices in Rochester (NY) and Barcelona (city center), ours is a high-growth trajectory, and among the greatest places to work in the world.

What We Offer

Cutting-edge Technology

Innovation is our passion. We develop with the latest technologies, experiment with all the new gadgets. We are committed to creating the best products and unearthing fresh opportunities.

Agile Methodologies

Keep it simple. Keep it flexible. Our project management methodologies ensure teams work comfortably in a fast-paced environment.

Big Volumes= Big challenges

We field more than 100 million http sessions per-day. Our technologies and team expertise serve as sword and shield as we wage constant battle against the challenges of big volume.

Innovative Projects

The goal is to continue staking our claim in the digital marketplace. This is keyed by a driven, passionate workforce, an entrepreneurial mindset and adoption of the latest technologies.

Work Hard/Play Hard

We are bullishly team-oriented. Our co-workers are family. Dogged business focus and having fun are top priorities that dovetail and define our corporate culture.

Real Career Opportunities

As a fast-growing business, we offer endless opportunity for promotion and growth. There are no glass ceilings at CMP. We are here to help you achieve your career goals.

Our Offices

Who we are

CMP Group is an exciting technology company in the entertainment space. Founded in the US in 2002, we have offices in Rochester (NY) and Barcelona (city center). CMP innovates through development of diverse commercial products. From online dating to virtual reality and beyond, we are constantly on the hunt for exciting new projects in the sphere of digital media. Our main market is North America, with robust plans to expand throughout Europe and Asia.

Development 48%

Marketing and Design 33%

Finance and Administration 19%

Employee Testimonials



Are you an innovator? Tech-lover? or a problem-solver? If so, we want you on board!

CMP Group is growing at an incredible pace and we’re always looking for the best talent to join our team. We take great pride in hiring top international talent from a variety of disciplines and bringing people together to take the company to new heights.

We want individuals that will inundate our workplace with fresh ideas, people that want to push the boundaries and always prepared for a new challenge, seeking excellence.

At CMP Group we allow you to improve your skills in a fast-paced and rewarding environment...there are no glass ceilings at our company!

We know people are often on the lookout for career progression, so why not progress with us? Join us to design the future of entertainment together!

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