Start with transparency

We start with transparency to establish trust and express our confidence in sharing ownership of TeamCMP’s future. We properly inform people so they can align their thinking with company goals and better influence outcomes.

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Ideas come from everyone

We enable people to speak with us. Not at us. Everyone is here to help shape TeamCMP and unleash our potential, so we plan to hear what they have to say.

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Passion drives better outcomes

A person’s passion for work evolves over time, and we welcome this as an opportunity to evolve with them. We partner with people on their journey to align work with passion because when they work in this capacity it drives better outcomes for everyone.

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Question Assumptions

We question assumptions about what we’re doing, and why we do it, to consciously move our company towards a higher standard. Our curious nature produces game changing outcomes, as well as missteps. Both results have tremendous value.

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Thoughtful Innovation

We invest in innovation to get us places but we always think about who we are responsible for in the here and now. It’s our thoughtful creativity that drives us towards a higher standard.

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Enjoy the journey

It’s not just our commitment to doing excellent work together, but also an excitement about coming to work. We create opportunities to share experiences that blend our personal journeys with our shared professional one.

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We are looking for talent

Are you an innovator, tech-lover and problem-solver?
If so, we want you on board!