At TeamCMP our main asset is our people. We have an enthusiastic team with a passion for technology, affinity for the people that use it, and a strong desire to be challenged. Join us in our multicultural, dynamic, empowering, fast-paced work environment where opportunity for professional growth is limitless.

Our Tech Radar

The Tech Radar is a snapshot of the constantly evolving choices made by TeamCMP’s Technology Team.

It’s a tool we use to keep our interests aligned with the current state of Internet technology. It visualizes trends in motion we collectively agree to use in technology projects.

We review The Tech Radar biannually, assessing relevance and viability of the current items as to reorder and evolve with it. This collaborative approach has enabled The Tech Radar to capture and encourage the technologies critical for TeamCMP’s overall success.

Our 4 radar-detection areas are:

Icon Hold


Proceed with caution 

Icon Assess


Technologies that are worth exploring

Icon Trial


Some Technologies we have in production.

Icon Adopt


Technologies we feel strong to use in production for new components

TeamCMP Tech Manifesto

We came together to collaborate on how we want to build and operate products and services, both now and in the future. During our discussions we identified what we liked and wanted to maintain. We discussed other areas we wanted to improve.

Our efforts resulted in a summary of our ideas, values and principles we use to guide our choices. Some we use today, others we aspire to use in the future.

No boundaries

There are no boundaries when it comes to identifying new ideas. Our teams collaborate closely, sharing goals, responsibilities and knowledge.

Overall view of the business

It’s important to have an overall view of the business and know where our individual contributions fit into it. Therefore, we maximize the visibility of our development priorities and future initiatives.

Alignment between biz & tech

It's essential. It’s our duty to ensure that other parts of the company know the costs and implications of proposed changes. We must understand the relevant business goals and metrics.

Multidisciplinary teams

We believe in autonomous, multidisciplinary teams able to deliver features with a minimum of cross-team dependencies.

No single methodology

Toolset, testing approach or build process is suitable for every product team. Each team is responsible for finding the way that works best for them, and all team members are encouraged to participate in doing so.

Shared responsibility

Everyone shares responsibility for product quality and stability. We involve QA early in the development process in order to build reliable products quickly.

Frequent feedback

Short development iterations enable us to better manage change and give us more frequent feedback. We therefore aim for the shortest useful iteration.

Financial awareness

We seek to understand the impact technology has on the company’s financial well-being. Our work is vital for maintaining the company’s profitability, and profitability enables us to innovate and explore.

We are looking for talent

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