Since 2002 we’ve always been about family, innovation, evolution, and a flat communications structure among other things.

With our ever growing family we decided to put our company’s core beliefs on paper. While our Company Values represent much of us, we believe it’s impossible to put the entirety of what we stand for to words. We think it’s the experiences we share together and strength of our relationships that are most important.


To give you an idea of what drives us here are TeamCMP’s Company Values that are at the core of our daily business:


Company Values

Start with transparency.

We start with transparency to establish trust and express our confidence in sharing ownership of TeamCMP's future.

Ideas come from everyone.

We speak with people, not at them. Everyone is here to help shape TeamCMP and unleash our potential, so we listen to what they have to say.

Passion drives better outcomes.

We know a person's passion for work evolves over time. We partner with them to find new opportunities at TeamCMP to align what they're working on with what they're into.

Question assumptions.

We question assumptions about everything we do to discover new ways to be successful.

Thoughtful innovation.

We welcome anyone, on any team, to activate innovation. All it takes is an idea with the intent to create a more memorable experience for people.

Enjoy the journey.

We define our culture together through shared experiences that are not just about work.




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