A little about us

We offer an international, fun and friendly work environment, and fully embrace the importance of the work hard/play hard ethos. Look forward to team building nights out, all hands on deck BBQs, company winter ski retreats and summer island getaways.

We're a global workforce, employing 31 nationalities giving diverse skills and experiences, so you'll benefit professionally and personally from cross-departmental projects.


Employee testimonials

Avatar Andrea Rojas, QA Manager

I love working at TeamCMP for so many different reasons. We use cutting-edge technology, have industry professionals as our colleagues, and enjoy lots of perks and benefits that are unheard of in other companies. It is also nice to be in an environment where managers not only recognize your work, but are open to suggestions and collaboration. As a result, our work atmosphere is super enjoyable with a good balance between work and fun. Many of the best moments in my working life have happened here!

Andrea Rojas, QA Manager
Avatar Marta Moragues, PHP Developer

From the moment I started at TeamCMP I knew this was the environment that I was looking for.

It’s a company with plenty of benefits and we have a great atmosphere,  but one of the most important things for me is that as a tech lady I have the opportunity to work in a team with more tech ladies and that makes it very diverse.

Marta Moragues, PHP Developer
Avatar Roy Collings, QA Automation Engineer

After 28 years working in IT (in a lot of companies!), I've never worked anywhere with such incredible benefits and such a 'team' vibe as TeamCMP! The people are awesome (approachable, helpful and friendly) and the opportunities for career development are superb - I always recommend TeamCMP as the top place to check out when friends are considering working in Barcelona!

Roy Collings, QA Automation Engineer

How we work

Icon Work hard / Play hard

Work hard / Play hard

We are strongly team-oriented. Our co-workers are family. Dogged business focus and having fun are top priorities that dovetail and define our corporate culture.

Icon The Total Package

The Total Package

In addition to a competitive salary, we invest in skills development for all our colleagues,  provide daily lunches, snacks, team building tradeshows, gym memberships, the newest hardware and much more ….. all provided to remove any barriers to your success! Click here to learn more.

Icon Agile methodologies

Agile methodologies

Keep it simple. Keep it flexible. Our project management methodologies ensure teams work comfortably in a fast-paced environment.

Icon Freestyle Days

Freestyle Days

You gather a team, pick the project, and present what could be the newest addition to our catalog of industry leading products. Gain visibility across the entire company, and have your work reviewed and supported by our Executive Team. Your innovations have every opportunity to shine.

Icon Innovative projects

Innovative projects

The goal is to continue staking our claim in the digital marketplace. This is driven by a diverse, passionate workforce, an entrepreneurial mindset and adoption of the latest technologies.

Icon Real career opportunities

Real career opportunities

As a fast-growing business, we offer endless opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. There are no glass ceilings at TeamCMP, you will have our full support  to help you achieve your career goals.

We are looking for talent

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